>Getting out of hand.

>This morning we solved the mystery of the strange smell that’s been coming from little Francie’s underwear drawer. As Francie herself suspected, one of her brothers had been peeing into it. I confronted both suspects and was told that it’s easier to pee into the drawer than to use the toilet b/c using the drawer doesn’t require them to flush or wash.


Unfortunately I burst out laughing when they told me. Impossible to keep a straight face. I did want to strangle them… don’t get me wrong. But the whole damn situation, the fact that every room in this house has turned into their own personal urinal is just so bloody comic.

M wasn’t as amused. For a few minutes I was sure that Efram would be spending the next few nights camped out on the side of a highway. Pissing rain and all.

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  1. >Just as I was going to write to tell you that you should really document all your "thoughts" in a more permanent medium than FB posts, I found your blog. So excited! The peeing in the underwear story (as well as in the corner of the playroom (so as not to miss the TV shows)) had me laughing out loud! You can't make this stuff up. Glad your keeping your humor – it will maintain your sanity!

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