>Good moods.

>I obviously shudder when I hear Bennett call from another room, “Hey Mummy — are you in a good mood?” Tonight this was followed by, “Will you still be in a good mood if I tell you that I got in the bath wearing dirty socks.. on purpose…?”

At some point Fi got in the bath and everyone tried to convince her to poo while she was in there. She certainly gave it a try.

And the end of all the evening’s bath and shower shenanigans (and there were many more.. at some point an apple got involved, and when Fiona went missing we found she’d climbed, once again, into the shower with Efram), Bennett commented on my zen state and said, “Wow you ARE in a good mood. You must have had a lot of coffee today.”

I’m zen because I got through today. Fiona started “school” today — and although she was teary when I picked her up, it went relatively well. So, when I had to fish a half-eaten apple out of a tub of filthy bath water, I was zen. For me, anyway.

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