>So Far

This trip could be one story: fiona's face plant from her stroller at the airport (which had M and I covered in her blood when we checked into the hotel), francie's possible concussion after she fell backwards of the couch and hit her head on the marble floor… And was drowsy and delirious for a few hours (comically, when I called our pediatrician, he asked if she was fatigued and irritable; when is she not?), or when we stupidly tried to do the famed drive to Hana and Francie threw up all over Bennett on mile ten, or when we turned back and went to a gorgeous rocky beach instead … At which Efram sliced open his foot and M carried into a nearby restaurant dripping blood.

But that story doesn't do the glory of this trip any justice at all. I realize that any trip with five kids, three of whom are under five, is going to be full of mishaps. And if I were queasy, I'd never go anywhere.

M and I want to actually be in the ocean at the same time… So we've hired some sitters and we are going snorkeling.. Sea turtles, here we come.

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