Most Honorable Mudda…

A bit of an Geller inside joke: We like to read “Rikki Tikki Tembo,” and each time we get to the “honorable mother” we have Francie read it aloud. With her little lispy speech it sounds like “Oh, Most Honorable Mudda!” – as if Alan Sherman were delivering it. Cracks us up every time. Of course, we have now changed Sunday to “Mudda’s Day.”

Speaking of which, we were in the car yesterday on the way to Bennett’s first basketball game. The radio is on the channel I left it on — XM satellite’s Broadway Station. “Maybe this Time” (from Cabaret) is playing. I love that song. I especially love the Glee version, which is on. The kids start to piss and moan: “Turn on Top Twenty! We want kids’ music… Yadda Yadda.” I turn around, teary eyed, stare them down, and announce: “I’m tired. Your sister is not sleeping. Have I mentioned that I’m tired? I’m also a little cranky, and I really want to hear this song.”

Francie: “Well, it is Mudda’s Day on Sunday. This could be your present.”

Efram: “Whatever you’re upset about, I didn’t do it.”

I got my song. But when it was done “I’m just a girl who can’t say no” from Oklahoma came on. I begged. I pleaded. But Brittany Spears prevailed.

You win some, you lose some.

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