American Girl Shiks-appeal

It’s a busy time of year, but as hectic as life is, I’m never too busy to know better. That’s right, I know better. At least, I know better than my kids, and I really don’t see anything wrong with it. I don’t try to rub their (already dirty) little faces in it, but I’m am sooooo much smarter than they are. About almost everything. Certainly about these bloody American Girls dolls. After last week’s drama, I have delegated the entire decision making process to M. And by “delegated” I mean that he took it away from me because it was really about to go nuclear. But what I don’t understand is why, for the life of me, if you look like this (as Francie does):

.. you’d want a doll that looks like this:

I gotta be honest, I looked like that, and it wasn’t that much fun. All she needs is braces and ganglier legs, and I’ve found my long lost doll-pleganger. (I just made that up on the spot.) I know better, and that blondish doll is significantly cuter than this future captain of the debate team. Why won’t she listen to me?


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5 responses to “American Girl Shiks-appeal

  1. I think this is your first indication that she is tolerant, nay, embracing of “other.” Go Francie-pants!

  2. Leora

    She loves my Leah :-). My Mom got her that Molly doll, and L promptly broke her glasses, which did not surprise me as she has broken her own an amazing number of times!

  3. Anonymous

    She may look like a shiksa, but she’s a Jew at heart. She looks in the mirror and sees brunette with glasses! I love it!

    • lrgeller

      Perhaps you’re right Adina… But what does it say that when I look in the mirror I see red hair, green eyes, and a few freckles? Oh yeah. Peppermint Patty.

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