Monday Morning

It was bound to happen, but I was still wholly unprepared. The kids returned to school this morning, after being at home for eleven days (but who’s counting?) and I sat in front of the computer for the first time in as many days. I’d dropped a ball, or three, at work, the phone and internet were both down, and I had to get on the phone with tech support (tech support is usually M, but he was in a meeting, so I actually had to call COMCAST) and crawl around under my dusty desk looking for modems and routers, which I always thought were one in the same. I’m dizzy because Sidney woke up last night and shaved about 3 hours off my already paltry night’s sleep, and I just can’t shake that Monday feeling: so much to do, so very little time, and have I mentioned that I’ve been running all wrong?

That’s right. A big thanks to the world of CHI RUNNING, which has taught me that even though I thought I knew how to run, I don’t. Back to the drawing board. I need to run with more footfalls, land on a straight leg and on a flat foot. My pelvis has a job to do as well but that’s a little above my pay grade for the moment. Can’t say it feels particularly good to learn that twenty years later, but I suppose it could be worse. I do wonder though, what else do I think I know how to do, but am obviously doing wrong. I can make a quick list of about five things or so. And yes, parenting is right up there.

I’m obviously doing something wrong when my three year old has figured out how to buy 20$ worth of kiwis from the overpriced local coop without my knowledge. I was using one of those short, double-decker carts. She put all the contraband in the lower level where I couldn’t see it and then loaded it onto the conveyer belt at checkout when I wasn’t looking. I thought the bill was high, but was too distracted to notice why. Until later. Shortly thereafter she tried to give herself bangs with toddler scissors. It was a long day, but it was better than today has been so far and it’s only ten am.

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