(almost) wordless Wednesday

Someone likes to travel with little pieces of home. Sometimes I find (sports) posters in the suitcase, or homemade light switch covers featuring favorite athletes.. (which are basically posters with a nifty little hole cut out in the middle to allow for a light switch; what hotel room is complete without that?) These are quickly taped up in whatever condo/hotel in which we have holed up.

This time I found a portable basketball hoop, an accompanying basketball, and this:


A five pound weight.

Because, who doesn’t feel the urge to add weight to already bulging luggage? Who doesn’t wake up in a strange hotel room and yearn for nothing more than a barbell from home with which he can squat and lunge his way to happiness?

I thought about getting mad. I ran a little speech through my mind touching on themes of responsibility and common sense. But I was soon distracted. A large moose had wandered onto the hotel property and a certain ten year old boy had attempted to charge it.

Ah, travel.


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5 responses to “(almost) wordless Wednesday

  1. How can he charge the moose without his handweight? I don’t understand–isn’t that what he brought it for?

    That’s the only reason I would carry them. Ever.

  2. When you say “he” are you referring to your husband or one of your children?

  3. lrgeller

    He is Bennett in this case. All M and I do with the hand weights is trip over them.

  4. That is SO funny. Almost as funny as peeing in a Croc…

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