(Almost) Wordless Wednesday (4th of July Edition)

Just opened the freezer to take out some meat for a barbecue we are hosting today. Didn’t find all the meat I thought I had in there. What I did find: an English cucumber, an exploded can of caffeine free diet coke, and a carton of eggs. All frozen. One day I may be doing this myself, confusing the freezer for the fridge, storing things where they do not, should not, belong. But for now, this is the work of my eldest child who, for as long as I can remember, suffers from freezermania… and spends his days on a quest to find the coolest things to freeze.

I suppose I ought to be relieved that it’s not bugs suspended in ice or bags of gravel .. this time. But I wasn’t the cheeriest of parents at breakfast this morning. Bennett just wanted to know if the eggs exploded, and was disappointed to learn that they did not. But that diet coke made enough of a mess. It will likely be stuck to the top of the freezer until I AM old enough to start forgetting where I put things.


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3 responses to “(Almost) Wordless Wednesday (4th of July Edition)

  1. tina marie

    yes, take heart…considering some of your previous posts, it might have been frozen pee.

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