Rabbi Manning

It’s Sukkot, which is possibly the most fun, and is certainly the most shamelessly Pagan of all the Jewish holidays.

Bennett wanted to hang a Peyton Manning Sukkah decoration, but M was clear: keep the decorations on-message. The Sukkah, a hut we build and then eat in for a week, was to be free of the NFL mania that had gripped the rest of the house.

Thirty minutes later, after some old-school cutting and pasting, Bennett presented us with this:


As you can see, Mr. Manning has replaced a pigskin with a lulav and etrog, the palm fronds and citrus fruit we wave in the air on this holiday (I wasn’t kidding about the Pagan bit, was I?)

Welcome to the tribe Peyton, we’re happy to have you. (And as long as you don’t tell M or my mother in law, I’d gladly trade you for Neil Diamond.)


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4 responses to “Rabbi Manning

  1. Funny poster.
    It is probably my favorite Jewish holiday.
    Chag Sameach.

  2. looks like he’s a chip of the old block…you should excuse the expression…nicely creative with a sense of humour… chag sameach (again)

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