Call me crazy….

… These looked pretty; I couldn’t resist. But what in God’s name am I supposed to do with them?



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13 responses to “Call me crazy….

  1. Joel

    Slice them in half vertically, brush them with a 50/50 olive oil and basalmic vinegar mixture, and then roast in the oven at 400 until slightly crispy, flipping half way through.

  2. Anonymous

    Hold them with a lemon and some leaves and shake them? There must be a holiday and bracha for that.

  3. Em

    Cook them up in butter and YUM!

  4. tina marie

    look pretty, yes. Taste pretty?…uh…cook ’em up and pray God someone likes ’em. Not I, said the piglet….

  5. lrgeller

    Shit. I popped them all off the stalk before cooking, cursing the extra work the entire time. I guess I wasn’t supposed to do that. Probably makes more sense to cook them on the stalk — I’d get points for presentation that way, right?

  6. I love Basil Brussel Sprouts from Allrecipes. com…very easy and yummy. Cut them in half then soak in water and kosher salt first to clean.

  7. Little bird

    Great with maple syrup and bacon, oops no bacon, but maple syrup good. You could wrap them in foil pouch with olive oil and have your fire loving son grill them!

  8. lrgeller

    My fire loving son will pass out when he reads your post. I caught him trying to set a plastic tarp on fire last week.

  9. Fry them in a pan together with bacon…you’ll love it. Can serve that together with oven baked fish and mashed potatoes.

  10. Anonymous

    What Joel said – I use salt and pepper on them as well

  11. You can roast them whole, directly on the stalk! I have a recipe on I roasted them two ways this year – halved and whole. Beautiful presentation!

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