Yesterday wasn’t ALL bad. While much of the country suffered through devastating storms, Seattle looked like this:

But I dropped the boys off at home, as I do on Mondays, and then ran Francie and her pal to ballet class. Forty minutes. And there’s a babysitter in the house. Still, I return home (after I’d dodged the requisite 20 phone calls they’d made to me from the house in the 40 minutes I’m gone) to find Bennett in the kitchen with a huge wad of wet paper tissue in his mouth.

“What happened” I ask.

“Efram punched my tooth out,” he muffles.

“Was it loose?”

“Sort of. Not really.”

Great. Now I have to figure out if it was a baby tooth or an adult tooth. Bennett has lost a ton of teeth already, so how was I to know this wasn’t an adult tooth? I Googled “difference between baby tooth and adult tooth.” Thank God they have websites for idiot parents. After some research I can say that I think the tooth was a baby one, but I’m still waiting to hear back from the dentist, who allegedly checks messages regularly but must have been rather busy last night.

I was already rather peeved because in the morning I spoke to the doctor who is scheduled to perform LASIK on me this Thursday, only to discover that because I have thinnish corneas I will be getting a procedure called PRK, and not LASIK. Big difference is a longer recovery time. I think there are some procedural differences, too, but because I don’t want to know exactly what they’re going to be doing to me, I couldn’t tell you what they are. This felt almost as good as being told by my running guru that I have weak hips, or by the doctor who delivered Sidney, that I have a floppy cervix. Really, I’m pretty hot stuff for almost forty.

Bennett decided that even though he told all the kids in the family that the tooth fairy is really me, that he actually does believe in her and he therefore left her a note last night. But we had no small bills and I was still upset that I cannot leave two boys at home for less than an hour without one of them stealing something belonging to the other, and the other then punching him in the mouth.

Needless to say, the tooth fairy was off last night. She was drinking tea and watching the “The Good Wife,” which is nowhere near as good as it used to be. Perhaps the dentist was doing the same thing.

Oh well.

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