Halloween Fun.

Someone raced home from school, made a pit stop in the bathroom and headed outside in the rain.

He thought it would be awesome to toilet paper our house (this tree was only the beginning). It’s on the roof. It’s pissing rain. Hence, there is soggy toilet paper on my roof.

I caught him with a raw egg shoved in each of his pockets. Really.

I saw a grown man dressed like a bug today. I saw a small, tortured dog squeezed into a pig costume. I saw a woman dressed like an umbrella. I said, “Nice umbrella costume,” to which she replied:

“I’m a jellyfish. Whatever.”

I never really liked it, but now I officially hate Halloween. Most of all, I want to find the bugger who told Bennett about eggs and toilet paper.

Bah, humbug?


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6 responses to “Halloween Fun.

  1. Sounds like you’ve already had an eventful day. Must admit I got a good laugh at the umbrella lady. Or jellyfish, which ever she was. The eggs and toilette paper not so funny!

  2. CHADO

    Gotta say i love the fact that you have a bennett for senate sign on your front porch…. just sounds like a joke!

  3. karen N

    Bennett on the roof again..?the car roof i get it, but now the house roof?..
    btw is this PINK toilet paper?..i know you have 3 beautiful girls all dressed in various shade of pinks..but toilet paper TOO?..and also, good luck tomorrow!- MERDE:-)..or “crap” as you say..

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