Day two of parent teacher conferences. I had my (seven) conferences yesterday and even managed to take whichever children were behaving to see “Wreck it Ralph.”  Now you think those two things alone would guarantee yesterday as the low point of the week, but today I  have all of them home and nothing planned. Unless you count flu shots.

The boys are currently teaching Frances their favorite game — swearing, but not. That’s when you say things like, “I want to eat some shit-aki mushrooms” and “kiss my ass-tronaut.”

But I hear everything. So, I holler up,

“Bennett I can hear you!”

To which the boy genius replies, “I was talking about Lance Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin!”

Awesome. I take the blame for none of this. I am certain the boy would know the difference between a disgraced cyclist and a space pioneer if only he were ever in school.


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4 responses to “Oy.

  1. this reminds me of the many happy hours my sister and I spent calling each other BOTTOM drawers. it was a more innocent (and possibly dumber) time . . .

  2. I believe that every boy at some point plays that swearing but not game. Does that come before or after the musical where they make obscene noises with their armpits? 😉

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