Alright, alright

Here it is.



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17 responses to “Alright, alright

  1. Wow…it’s so…uh, lovely. I imagined it a bit more pink-ish red-ish. But, ok.

  2. Krissy

    Thanks for sending the picture. This made me laugh out loud today! (as do all of your posts!!!)

  3. I get it! So get it! There is definitely a strong resemblance to a woman’s gem. I mean vagina.

  4. Linda

    So, vaginal would not have been my first thought, but I can see how you could come up with that.

  5. Anonymous

    Honestly, my first thought was “It’s not THAT vagina-y.” But then I wondered if “vagina-y” is a proper way to describe anything. Ever.

  6. A

    It looks like a vagina. 🙂 Really made my morning reading this post and then it was even better to get the picture.


    I would never have seen it the way you did. Love to all , Malka

    Sent from my iPad

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