Just in case…

I am not, by nature, a planner. While I like to plan vacations and moves, there’s not much else I like to plan (and in all honesty, unlike others, I prefer to take my chances and book a trip as late as I possibly can, even if it means losing out on good deals). I think it’s because I’m convinced that at any given moment the other shoe will drop, and I’ll have to leave town in a hurry. What use would a full schedule be if a mob of angry Cossacks show up at my door? (Um, I’m sorry folks, I’d like to leave here with you and get the crap beaten out of me, but I have to cancel all the appointments I’ve made for the next six weeks.) Besides, I’d really hate to have to lose out on a trip because an angry mob just happened to pick my door.

This refugee mentality must part of my DNA because I’ve never really had to leave anywhere in a hurry, unless you count all the stores and restaurants from which I’ve had to beat a hasty retreat, badly behaved kids in tow. I recently revealed to M, and a couple we were out with (having last minute drinks at a bar, because, you know, to plan ahead would have been silly) that I always keep a stash of Canadian cash in my wallet.

That’s right.

Just in case the shit hits the fan and I have to head for the border. There aren’t a ton of good things I can say about Seattle, but I’ll say one thing: It sure is awesome to be so close to the border of an entirely different country. And when the time comes, I have a wad of Canadian loonies at my disposal.

Seattleites, you may think I’m nuts, but if you’re in a tight spot and need to break out in a hurry, you know where to find me.



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11 responses to “Just in case…

  1. nannypology

    That, ironically, is just plain good planning!

  2. Tova Hen

    You do know that they take American money in Canada?

  3. strawberryquicksand

    I hate to wear heels because you can run in flats! I’m always cautious about stuff like that. 🙂

      • strawberryquicksand

        I just like to feel… safe. LOL. When I drive to work every morning at 3.45am I drive in the middle of the road (over the white line) just in case a kangaroo comes bouncing out. (and that is a big one because some mornings on the way to work, even though I live in our Nation’s Capital – Canberra – I will see over 20 roos on the drive in. And they are unpredictable bastards!).

  4. that is unbelievably awesome. kangaroos? all is see are Canadian geese and the odd raccoon. can I ask, why are you up at 3.45. given that you’re already the coolest person who follows me, I think it’s probably b/c you’re a spy.

  5. strawberryquicksand

    And I always take a mini sewing kit with me on holidays, along with a nail file, toothpicks, and a number of odds and ends. One year I packed for a six month overseas holiday and I had TWO GROCERY BAGS full of crap that was not clothing! I managed to cull it down to about half a bag, but really…. who needs a pegless clothesline or a French AND German dictionary when they can speak enough to get by anyway… and why on earth would I need a can of air? (to clean my camera, obviously!)etc

  6. strawberryquicksand

    Hahahahahha No, I work at a bus company and our first bus departs from Canberra at 5am bound for Sydney. At least I finish work by 1pm… and yeah.. the sewing kit thing.. just incase.. lol

  7. I was close, wasn’t I? I used to haul the dictionaries, too! Just in case. And all those random phrasebooks. Just in case. And all the converters for the plugs. Just in case. Now, it’s less about what I bring on holiday and more about how I can make a clean break if I need to. When I buy anything, anything at all, I ask myself: CAN I MOVE WITH IT?

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