…so I married (half) a drag queen.

All sorts of fun and juicy things are going on. So much for me write about. But M has put the kibosh on some of it. He’d like me to behave myself … at least for now. And given that he exercises veto power about once every six years, I feel I ought to comply.

Besides, if I don’t, he’ll embarrass me… some more.

I’ve been putting up with the bushy beard he’s been sporting because he was hatching a master plan: PURIM.

This year he wanted to grow the beard until Purim (which as I have explained is something akin to a Jewish Halloween), shave off half of the beard, and dress as a half man, half woman. After a few trips to the thrift shop (cue the song that the boys have been making me listen to for weeks now), and the procurement of stockings that go up to 220 pounds (his proudest purchase), oh, and the help of a friend of mine with a sewing machine (because I rely on the dry cleaners to sew buttons), M transformed himself into a he-she. Complete with one very large high heeled shoe, half a wig, half a mouth of lipstick, and a single clip on earring.

But this morning he was set to take the kids skiing, and rather than shave off the other half of the beard, he decided to go skiing with it, and wait until Purim was officially over before he shaved it off. Just in case he had to get into costume again.

I mean, you never know.

So my husband, the very best person I know, is out and about looking like this:


If you see him, on the slopes, or about town, I won’t be offended if you look the other way. Just don’t tell him I told you that.

Happy Purim, people.


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9 responses to “…so I married (half) a drag queen.

  1. Joy

    That is the most awesome thing I have seen or read about in a LONG time.

  2. strawberryquicksand

    Oh that is too funny. Okay – so this Jewish Halloween. Does that mean you go out all dressed up funny like Halloweeners? Did he actually have somewhere to wear his he/she costume or was he just gadding about the shops and the house like that? Do we get a photo of the whole shebang? I’m intrigued! And thought your post was hilarious. Thanks for sharing. xo

    • Oh no, we went “en famille” to synagogue last night to hear a reading of the Book of Esther. All the kids and about 15% of the adults were in costume. The adults’ costume were mostly tame, until M walked in. Six feet, one inches of shemale.

  3. That’s friggin’ hilarious! Nice Post!

  4. strawberryquicksand

    HAHAHAH High Five to M for me!!!!! 😀

  5. sj

    M. never disappoints on Purim. He must have an album full of these costumes from years past. My favorite was the, I can’t remember what he called it… some kind of butcher, I think? He grew a mustache for that one.

  6. The Polish meat packer. I know it well.

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