You must be effing kidding me.

I ambled out the front door to check the milkman had delivered our milk and eggs, and I find this:


What you are looking at is two milk crates full of eggs. That’s 18 dozen eggs, rather than the usual two dozen I order.

Someone got into my account with Smith Brothers and added 16 dozen eggs to my order.

I am now the proud owner of about 216 eggs.

I’m  not going to name names, but I’ll just say that a certain quarterback for the Denver Broncos, formerly of the Indianapolis Colts, sports the number 18 on his jersey.

That’s right people. I got pranked by Peyton Manning.


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11 responses to “You must be effing kidding me.

  1. Adina

    Just in time for Pesach. Always need a lot of eggs for that holiday…maybe not 18 dozen, but close.

  2. Well, we’re off to Colorado for the holiday. Do eggs travel well?

  3. Tova Hen

    Lea, if you need to unload some of those eggs, I’d be willing to buy some from you for Pesach. I usually get at least 10 dozen anyway.

  4. Milkman?…what is this the 1950’s. Tell Opie I said hi. You kids are frigging awesome. I would give them a hi-five and find a way to get them back.

  5. It’s not the 1950’s, it’s Washington State…which is the same thing in many ways. Help.

  6. so whats the appropriate parental response to this kind of prank?

  7. Aside from the hilarity of this post, the follow-up comments re: chicken owning and raccoons top it off…makes us long for our days in Seattle.

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