Mr. Bennett Pens a Letter… (I received this yesterday)

Dear Mummy,

I really think that it would be good for the family (as a whole) to get (me) a dog, and I would just want you to know that I have been thinking long and hard about getting one (this is why I haven’t been getting much sleep). Here is a list of who and how it would affect everybody.

Daddy:  Good: everybody will be happy and caring for the dog. (I don’t think that he notices how much more responsible we have all become.) Bad: He might be a bit tense around the dog, but over time he will loosen up, over time he will not have as many fears.

Mummy: Good: already loves dogs, will be kind and caring towards everybody and support everybody’s fears (of dogs). Bad: No bad here except for that she might have to unwillingly walk it.

Bennett: Good: loves dogs, all good, will be responsible and caring. Bad: may tend not to share the dog with fellow siblings.

Efram: Good: will help Bennett with the dog, and will also care for it. Bad: None really, except for the he might fight with Bennett over rights to the dog.

I, Lea Geller, will or will not purchase a dog for the 11th anniversary of your son, Bennett Geller.

Will:__________________                  Will not:______________________

Lea Geller                                                                       Lea Geller



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15 responses to “Mr. Bennett Pens a Letter… (I received this yesterday)

  1. Tova Hen

    And where did you sign?

  2. It’s not where I sign it that’s the question. You’ll note that M has not been asked to sign because he is the holdout here. We’re in the midst of some very interesting shuttle diplomacy here — if Henry Kissinger had lowered himself to negotiate for a pet. Stay tuned — but feel free to weigh in. Team Dog needs all the ammunition we can get.

  3. Anonymous

    I vote for the dog, and although M doesn’t believe it now, he may fall for it harder than anyone…the dog will make sure of that!

  4. Tina Marie

    My vote is for the dog! M will not believe this now, be he may fall for it harder than anyone….of this the dog will make sure. He’ll never be sorry!

  5. I’m not going to tell you whether or not to get a dog, but I do love his creativity!

  6. nannypology

    This is awesome. Big things are in his future with those negotiating skills!

  7. Lorene Goldman

    As an owner of two dogs, I think you should get one for Bennett’s 11th birthday and one for each child. Dogs are fun and a lot work, but they give you lots of licks and love back. Lorene X0

  8. Five dogs. What an awesome idea. Thanks Lorene.

  9. Why are the girls not included?!

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