A Modest Proposal…

Well, perhaps not so much a proposal but a request. I’m the  one working on a proposal, and I’d love some help. I need a list of twenty (or so) of my best blog entries. I can tell which ones were most widely read (vagina necklace, 18 dozen eggs, and boobs on the French beaches come to mind), but I’d love to know what YOU think.

So, dear readers: If you happen to have a few minutes to kill and you can find no other more compelling way to procrastinate online, would you tell me what your favorites were, and possibly even have a look back through some of my entries to… refresh your recollection?

I would offer you a child in return, but I’m not sure you necessarily want one of mine. I’d offer to bake you something, but that just wouldn’t be fair to you. I could offer you my house for a week, but then you’d have to deal with all the smells we can’t get rid of and you’d be stuck in Seattle while doing so. If we ever finish building the damn hutch, I could offer you a bunny because even though we agreed to one bunny, doesn’t one bunny always lead to.. more bunnies?

While I work on your reward, please tell me what you think.

Thank you!


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5 responses to “A Modest Proposal…

  1. Tina Marie

    The one about Disneyland comes to my mind…with large American ladies in denim….

  2. anonymous

    Combat and The Hanukkah Tampon come to mind right away…

  3. Liron

    The vagina, the boobs and the eggs are defiantly my favs. Also the one with the jet lag ( car top stuck in parking lot) and the one about being late.

  4. If you are looking for us to select your top 20 posts would you consider a search or a longer list of your top posts. I know what I remember as my favourite but it would help if I saw a list, then I could be sure. Just a suggestion.

  5. G

    Is the piece about the title of this blog a candidate? That, to me, is surely a winner. But so is the one about hamentaschen baking, or attempted baking. Made me feel a little less alone as an exploder of filled dough. And the French beach scenes, of course. (How ARE you going to tally these nominations?)

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