Am I blue?

I am a person of rules. That isn’t to say I’m a follower of other people’s rules. Quite the opposite. But I have a strange and unfounded collection of rules I like to follow. One of them is that when painting your nails, you must either choose a nude color or red. I don’t know how it got started, but I’ve stuck to it for quite some time.

Given the impending big birthday this weekend, I trotted in to my local nail place to get a manicure. I handed the manicurist what I thought was a bottle of red polish, and came out with bright pink nails. I didn’t notice until I was in the car on the way home. Seriously, my hands look like they’ve escaped from the 1980’s.

Still, it felt oddly liberating. So much so, that I went back and did this:


To be honest, I still do feel that green and blue nails scream rigor mortis to me. But I wanted to see what it felt like to break one of my silly little rules.


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7 responses to “Am I blue?

  1. Meredith Schizer

    I’ve Been Getting My Toenails Blue Ever since I got Some Blue Wedges Last Summer That I Love. Have Loved Blue Toenails Ever Since!

  2. strawberryquicksand

    Let your hair down! lol šŸ™‚ They look AWESOME by the way. The only thing missing is a glittery overcoat.

  3. I think I have some of the kids’ glitter glue. Can I use that?

  4. ~YES to blue nails. Try a New Thing – it is indeed oddly liberating. However small, it makes such a difference to us šŸ™‚ Who knows what is going to be next for you …

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