New York.

We left Seattle almost two weeks ago and tooled around on the east coast, getting the kids on local time, and getting our heads in the game. It turns out that jet lag isn’t just a matter of time, but also a matter of head space. We headed to Hilton Head, South Carolina where the kids (and we) spent several days with our minds in Seattle. Days rolled on and the white sand beaches worked their magic and eventually we began to look forward. We’re spending a weekend with friends in Massachusetts and tomorrow we drive to New York.

New York.

New York.

Here is a list of improbable things I’d envisioned M saying before I imagined him saying, “You know, we really ought to pick the kids and up and move to New York City.”

1. “I’m full. Not another bite, please.”

2. “Didn’t you carry that purse last season?”

3. “Throw that out.”

4.  “Everyone has dropped her phone in the toilet once or twice. Don’t sweat it.”

5. “I think it’s time for another baby.”

And here we are, hours away from being New Yorkers.

And it wasn’t even my idea.


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3 responses to “New York.

  1. I love this blog… makes us all as excited as you are.

  2. Glad that you are still writing despite a busy move 🙂
    Looking forward to hearing more about your new adventures!

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