Don’t shit where you eat.

M says that after the bitch-snacked post went mildly viral (or at least by my standards; over 9,000 hits on the blog just yesterday!), that I have to make sure I follow up with something really funny.

But, you see, M has also been known to say that I may not have anything humorous to write now that I am no longer Suffering in Seattle.

I don’t know if this is funny or not, but rest assured, there is still a fair amount of suffering happening.

See this?


No, an elephant didn’t take a shit in my sink. This, my friends, is what life without a waste disposal looks like.

I know there are people living happy and productive lives all over the world, and right here in NYC, without the use of waste disposals.

But when you’ve gotten used to one, and when you’ve cooked for seven without having to stick your hand down into the bowels of the sink and pull up handfuls of shnasty scum, you really, really don’t want to go back.

I suppose I traded pissing rain, way too much fleece, and suffocating earnestness for nineteenth century plumbing.

Worth it?


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5 responses to “Don’t shit where you eat.

  1. that is too funny. I didn’t have a disposal till I moved out of NYC, I totally forgot how annoying it is too clean out a sink.

  2. also wanted to comment on that I love how much you blog! makes it so exciting to check your blog, as opposed to other’s who remember us readers maybe once a month. Thanks!

  3. that picture needs to come with a warning. sheriously.

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