Skulls in the Garden.

On my constant quest to uncover the wonders of nature right here in NYC, I have encouraged the kids to go out and forage for new discoveries.

Over the weekend the boys ran into the house, screaming: “There are mushrooms the size of human heads in the backyard!”

I assumed they were exaggerating, as they tend to (where DO they get that?)… But later that day I walked outside to find this:

Here they are, human head-sized giant shrooms. For scale, here they are with a (ok, junior) basketball:

Gross, right?

Bennett took his nature quest one step further. While he was glued to the couch watching a football game, he set up a squirrel trap.

(Because nothing says NYC nature like the trapping of a rodent.)



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7 responses to “Skulls in the Garden.

  1. eema

    At least they don’t stink!!!

  2. nu.. has he caught squirrels yet?

  3. Hiii! I started following your blog bc your Bitch-Snack post was AMAZING. And now I like your blog even more bc your son is named Bennett. We just had our son in May and named him Bennett. 🙂

  4. karen N

    ..and the killing of cockroaches ( you know these these nice looking huge water bugs?)…we lived on the first floor on top of a huge chinese restaurants on get the picture…so enjoy the squirrels:-)

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