I visited one of my oldest, closest friends and her new baby yesterday.


He was delicious. I think my mouth watered when I looked at him. (I also think that when I held him I may have had a contraction.) I felt like the Greek god who ate his babies to prevent then from overthrowing him. Except for the overthrowing bit.

Hours later when I fell asleep I dreamed I was pregnant. With twins.

Then Sid and Fi woke up at five, got into a fight and came screaming into our room. There was pinching and scratching involved.

Dream over.

Not sure how but it seems to be possible to simultaneously crave a baby and not know what the hell to do with the ones I already have.


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5 responses to “Baby

  1. I only have a year to go on so far, but parenthood seems like one long, drawn-out contradiction.

  2. Anonymous

    i was kinda worried when i saw that subject line.

  3. Anonymous

    i was NOT worried:-)

  4. Sara

    that last line should be made famous — that is the number one thought of most fertile women!

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