Lights, Camera… (Or Cinema in Yonkers)

We tired of dragging five whining children along on our NYC bucket list adventures, so we temporarily ceased operations and went to the movies.

We braved freezing rain and icy roads and headed to a place called Ridge Hill in Yonkers, which really is as alluring as it sounds. Frankly, Valhalla could be tucked away in Yonkers, and even IT would sound suddenly unappealing.

The boys went to see a samurai film with Keanu Reeves while M and I took les girls to see Frozen. (We could possibly be the last people in the US to see it.)

Normally, I quite like a bit of Keanu Reeves, especially if he’s not talking much; but the thought of two hours of samurai sandwiched in between the boys talking at full volume while snarfing snacks at light speed appealed even less than two hours of Diz shlock.

And shlock it was. Fortunately, I was unable to focus on the shoddy storyline and missed opportunities of this film because I was completely distracted by the bizarre physiognomy of the two newest Diz princesses.

Ladies, where in God’s name are your noses???? Was Joan Rivers responsible for the animation of this flic or do Scandinavian princesses only need nostrils to breathe? And what’s up with your giant kewpie doll eyes?

I personally think the people who are responsible for churning out this stuff should worry less about avoiding princess cliches (I myself could have used a hair more true love and less faux sisterhood) and more about projecting these bizarre looking princess freaks forth onto our daughters.

Perhaps I should’ve gone with Keanu, even if he looks less like this:

… And more like this:


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2 responses to “Lights, Camera… (Or Cinema in Yonkers)

  1. Sara

    Ew, is that really Keenu?

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