PM Syndrome

I once again found myself shlepping Frances to after hours urgent care for a strep test (positive) in a town called Mamaroneck. It was dark and rainy tonight (while we have far fewer pissfest days here than we did in Seattle, when it rains, the heavens open and kick some serious ass). I went to put the urgent care in my phone’s GPS, partly because M usually drives her, and partly because I need a GPS to find the toilet in my house.

I tried to enter the name: PM Pediatrics, but someone tinkered with my phone recently and every time I type “pm,” it auto corrects to PEYTON MANNING. It’s taken me for bloody ever to type this post because I have to keep undoing the auto correct.

He also made it so my caller ID shows up as “Efram Geller,” which I suppose could have been worse.

Were it not the height of NFL crazy right now, I’d ask him to undo it. But I’m a superstitious person and I don’t want to mess with the Bronco mojo.



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2 responses to “PM Syndrome

  1. Megan

    I don’t know how I found your blog, but I really enjoy reading it. I’m a transplanted New York Westchester-ite (now living in Boulder, CO), so I’m doing the reverse of your life. I love seeing you discover your new surroundings which were my old surroundings not too long ago (and I agree with you about Yonkers but laughed when you said they could put Valhalla in there — do you know about Valhalla, just north of White Plains?). Anyway, thanks for documenting your life — it is very entertaining!

    • How funny! It’s like we switched places. (My in laws live in Denver, so I also have a CO connection!) I had NO idea about the local Valhalla, which I now feel compelled to check out. Thanks for reading for commenting, I’m glad you found me!

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