Panic Provisions

My eleven year old and his dad had to watch their team lose the Superbowl last night. Even I could tell that it was not a pretty game, and I foresaw a particular ugly Monday morning ahead of us. (Watching sporting events on the east coast is especially exhausting because they don’t get started until about six, which is precisely when I start to shut down.)

Fortunately for all of us, we awoke to a snow day.

(That’s the Hudson you see peeking through the trees.)

In my Superbowl euphoria, I had apparently missed all weather forecasts because this snow storm, which looks to have dumped close to a foot of snow, took me by complete surprise.

I asked M to stop at Fairway on the way home from work and pick up some things we needed.

I forgot to specify quantities.

I should not have forgotten to specify quantities because now I have forty-two bananas.

I tried to inquire in what I thought was a non-threatening tone. (Apparently I do not have a non-threatening tone.)

He claims that he intentionally picked out four bunches of bananas, each bunch at a different stage of ripeness.

But the light at Fairway is a tricky business, because in our kitchen, all the bananas were an identical shade of yellow-green.

Which means I’m going to be stuck with 30 brown bananas in a matter of days. (I will freeze them, you know, to make banana bread. I will then throw them out a week later to make room in the freezer. Intention is everything.)

“I guess I’m going to be eating a lot of bananas,” said M.

I guess you will be.

(Consequently, I have sixty five sticks of string cheese if anyone is interested.)



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15 responses to “Panic Provisions

  1. Anonymous

    I’ll take some string cheese.
    Also, when can I get you all over for a shabbat lunch?

  2. Anonymous

    Baby bananas…no problem!

  3. You know, Lea, the magic of bulk grocery purchases IS THERE IF YOU LOOK FOR IT. (This will never get old.)

  4. Ha ha. You can never have too many bananas.

  5. Sara

    Their team???? They haven’t lived in Seattle long enough to go for the other team??? We’re all celebrating here — awesome game!

  6. Samantha

    I forgot how I found you, but now I can’t quit reading! Thank you for cracking me up and showing me that my husband isn’t the only one who has bought an obnoxious amount of produce (57lbs of apples) before we had our first “snow storm” (2inches) 🙂

  7. Smoothies.

    Lots and lots of smoothies. Quicker than banana bread to make, too. Chop your bananas before you freeze them and don’t worry about them going brown.

    But, boy, that’s a lot of bananas. I hope he likes them!

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  9. Anonymous

    ha, ha!!!…banana KALE smoothies?!?…
    you did not think of “chopping” them first..I on the other hand did not think of… freezing them at all!…thks for the tip:-)

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