Summerlution Number One

It’s the last day of school and my first summer resolution is born:

To teach them ALL to clear the table and load the dishwasher. Especially after breakfast.

No more half eaten toast removal, crusted egg rinsing, or (my least favorite) congealed cereal disposal.

I. Am. Done.

The responsible one does it already. So does the one who is easily guilted. But the others?


Mark my words, people. Come August I will NOT be dealing with this:

That will be their job. I’ll be around only for emergency clean ups. Like this:

What’s YOUR Summerlution??


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3 responses to “Summerlution Number One

  1. anat

    um – let’s talk end of August. If you succeed I will pay for your formula.

  2. Sara

    ohhhh I totally understand — suddenly everything I’ve ever wanted them to do is reachable – they are actually home long enough for me to start instilling some RULES!
    Put your clothes in the hamper, not all over your room!
    Hang up your towel after your shower, not smooshed on the floor!
    Help me around the house — I AM NOT A SLAVE!

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