The Mad Summer Dash (or Why I Hate the Apple Store)

This is the week in between school and EVERYTHING ELSE.

It’s technically summer — school has ended, June 21st has been and gone, and here in NYC it’s actually warm and sunny. In fact, it’s positively glorious. But this is also the one week in between school and vacation/camp/overall summer fun. This is the one week I have to get everyone to appointments hither and yonder. I want to be relishing in summer fun, but there is too much to do.

Sometimes I trip up. Sometimes I am tripped up by a child.

Today, a child claimed he had made an appointment at the Apple Store to repair a device. I have only been to the Apple Store twice in my life. I do not like the Apple Store. I do not like the windows. I do not like all the devices on white tables. I especially do not like the geniuses who staff the Genius Bar. They are not geniuses, and they are not at all pleasant. I wish they had not appropriated the word “bar” because in general that is a word that makes me happy.

But I went to the Apple Store today because this is one of the children I like.

As it turned out, after a very infuriating 15 minutes, we learned that this child had made an appointment not for today, but for tomorrow. It is still unclear if a) he knew this all along but wanted to try his luck anyway or b) he made the mistake because he is truly unable to read.

It is a busy time. I spent all day today and yesterday in the effing minivan. I am tired and I believed that penance was in order.

So I made him spend 20 minutes in Sephora while I mulled over some purchases I had no business making.


It turns out that while this child was suffering in Sephora, he managed to pilfer several fistfuls of those little glass balls they use to make sure the makeup brushes stand up in their jars. He shoved them in his grubby little pockets while I was not looking.

Those balls are not only in this juice glass and several other containers, but I believe several thousand of them are scattered all over my kitchen floor.


I may have purchased enough under-eye concealer to sink a battleship but I just slipped on those glass balls and banged up my knee.

I blame this all on the Apple Store. Have I mentioned that we are going back tomorrow?

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