Lamb testicles = No school

On Sunday M took Efram to Queens to pick up some chairs I found on Ebay. (You’ll see a picture of those once I’ve cleaned them up.)

“You should take him for lunch,” I suggested. “There are a ton of interesting ethnic restaurants in Queens.”

Queens is very large and personally, I find it impossible to navigate. But I’d given M the perfect challenge/gift: in the name of father-son bonding, find a restaurant and eat without me watching you.

Sure enough, the chairs were located in a warehouse which was located near a string of Bukharian restaurants. I have no idea which one they chose, but I did receive the following text from M:

“Guess what Efram ate? Hint: it’s number 48.”
… And the following picture:

Later that day, I asked Efram how they tasted.

“Like gefilte fish,” he said.

Oy. A nation of Bukharian (Central Asian) Jews are rolling their eyes somewhere.

Interestingly, Efram was unable to attend school yesterday due to a stomach ache. Mind you, he often has a stomach ache on Monday mornings. I didn’t want to damper his culinary curiosity, so I didn’t bring up the testicles.

But it’s hard to ignore. Here’s a recipe for truancy, kids: Lamb testicles on a Sunday = No school on Monday.


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4 responses to “Lamb testicles = No school

  1. tova

    I really missed an opportunity. I was passing through Queens just last week looking for some breakfast food. Next time I’ll know where to go!

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