The FULL Shower.

Overheard in carpool this week…

My child: According to my mother, I have to shower tonight, but I don’t need a full shower.

Friend A: I hate full showers!

Friend B: I don’t remember the last time I took a full shower.

ME: What’s a full shower, boys, and pray, how is it different from a partial shower?

Friend A: A partial shower = no soap.

Friend B: Yup, just water.

ME: So when E comes out of the shower wet and still dirty, that’s because he only took a partial shower?

My child: I told you I wasn’t alone.


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3 responses to “The FULL Shower.

  1. Sara

    I remember babysitting when i was younger and kid told me that she sticks her head under the faucet so that her mom THINKS she took a shower.

  2. Jessica

    I think I know a certain carpool member who enjoys his partial showers, along with E, although last night he swore he took a full one.

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