We are cycling through the stomach flu at the moment. Some of us are on round two less than a week after recovering from round one. Why so much flu? What are we doing wrong?

1. I may not have the right remedy as I am convinced that truly anything can be cured by drinking ice cold lemon water out of a jar.

(Only real result so far: lemon-scented pee.)

2. Germ control: I came home and found two kids with their tongues down each other’s throats: “IT’S NOT FAIR THAT HE GOT TO STAY HOME SICK! I WANT WHAT HE HAD AND I WANT IT NOW!”

3. Something bigger: God thinks I’ve had enough sleep for one lifetime and from here on out, it’s probably best that I spend half of each night awake.

I’ll let you know when I work it out.

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