Did Miley Cyrus Move to Belgium….??

There are all sorts of ways to kill time. I took the boys for an eye exam and needed to kill some while we waited. We played a quick game of geography: I name a country or city, and you name one that starts with the last letter of the word I used.

A caveat: Just about every “A” city, state and country also ends with an “A” so after a while one of us announces that any “A” place cannot also end in an “A”. No more Alabama, Austria, Antarctica or Arizona.

E: Katamandu

Me: Uttica (Did I make that up? Where is that? Is it short hand for Urinary Tract Infection?)

E: Alaska

Me: Sorry, Charlie. That violates the double-a-rule

E: Uh… Antwerk?

Me: Huh?

E: Antwerk, you know, in Europe somewhere.


For real? Because I was thinking more along the lines of this:


Lately, I have noticed that being close with your older sibling means that you are all too aware of certain facts way before your parents would like you to be. If I think about this too much, my brain hurts and my heart just about breaks. For now, my head seems to like its place firmly entrenched in the sand. I’m going to assume that my sweet boy just confused his Ps and Ks.

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