Cookbook Conundrum 

I like a good cookbook. If I know what I want to cook, but don’t know how to cook it, I will sometimes search for a recipe online. When I have no clue what to cook and am looking for inspiration, I open a cookbook.

Because I have many cookbooks I don’t use, I try to be judicious in my acquisitions. Sometimes, I am successful. And then there’s this:

I bought this book after I read an article about it, and even used the recipe in the article. What could possibly go wrong? 

I had NO business buying this cookbook. This cookbook did not inspire me; this cookbook made me want to hang myself. I had no business buying this cookbook because as much as I would like to, I do not live in a farmhouse in France. I live in a colonial in the Bronx. I had no business buying this cookbook because even if I did not keep kosher, I would not want to eat rabbit. I had no business buying this cookbook because this woman has AT LEAST as many children as I do and she looks like a runway model when she cooks dinner and when I cook dinner I mostly look like the Good Luck Kitchen Witch. 

While I am cooking dinner using a dull knife to chop wilted vegetables I have bought at the local A & P, this woman is casually chasing a wild hare around her immaculate kitchen in three inch heels, all while applying lip gloss and making pastry dough from scratch. (And the first person to comment here can HAVE this effing cookbook, free of charge.)

But in preparation for Meatless May (stay tuned!), I bought this book after I heard the authors interviewed on Fresh Air. (That’s right. I am now officially your grandmother.)

 I have promised myself not to buy any more cookbooks. Unless of course one of you suggests a title which which will absolutely change my life. Then of course, I’m all for it. Just don’t having me chasing rabbits around my kitchen with a carving knife. Carving knives are for meat (which we will not be eating for a month), and for chasing children, not rabbits.


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17 responses to “Cookbook Conundrum 

  1. tova

    Lea, I don’t want the cookbook, just wanted to be the first to comment. You are always entertaining.

  2. love this. she made me want to slit my throat. could not buy the book.

  3. Rebecca Sherman

    Good lawd, if she makes you feel like the Good Luck Kitchen Witch, I cannot imagine how this cookbook would make me feel, since I am often agog when I try to imagine, you, skinny, multiple-mile running you, who manages to deal with a basketball team of children all eating ridiculously healthy (and Kosher) and yet, you rarely seem to consider chasing any of them with a knife (or other scary implement.)

  4. meganbrannan

    Anything by America’s Test Kitchen is legit.

    This book will change your life:

  5. Rachel

    Stacie here…I am private messaging you my two ideas bec they are frankly too embarrassing to write in public.

  6. Rachel

    I’m hoping that since I am divulging my embarrassing kitchen secrets that I will at least get the cookbook! “Bikini boot camp” (yeah, so what)…curried cous cous and tomato lime soup (with or without chicken). And again…turning bright red…gwenyth paltrows “its all good”…It actually is. Specifically the cauliflower with garbanzo beans and gingered carrots.

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