Farewell Flesh…

At some point last week, M looked at me and said, “so what exactly happens to chicken during Meatless May?”

Alas, chicken goes the way of spaghetti and meat sauce, skirt steak, and the beloved hot dog. 

We had our last chicken dinner tonight.  


And last week, in anticipation  of Meatless May, I ate six hotdogs at a school barbecue. (Note that I am going meatless well before summer barbecue season because there are few things I love more than a barbecued hot dog. They may very well be the death of me.)

The children were wistful, but excited. They even tried my revolting vegan chocolate pudding which is a mix of cacao, banana, dates, avocado and agave and has absolutely no business called chocolate anything

Meatless May: roll on!


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2 responses to “Farewell Flesh…

  1. You need to check out vegan chocolate cake recipes. Better than non vegan – truly. Cocoa powder, veg oil etc. Tastes even better a couple of days later if you can wait that long.

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