Happy Birthday to Me… BRING ON THE EGGPLANT!

Oh my, how I love eggplant. I love it so much that for several years now I have wanted to throw myself an all eggplant birthday party – invite friends over for an entire meal of eggplant, from beginning to end, including dessert. I tossed the idea out to a group of my local pals and they were game. 

In preparation, I think I purchased just about every eggplant in the Bronx. 

I then chopped many eggplants, and even chopped one on an eggplant cutting board- very meta.

There was eggplant soup (looked like vomit, tasted moderately better), babaganoush, an eggplant lasagna, a ridiculous eggplant and fig salad, several versions of the roasted eggplant made by yours truly, and then my friend H, who never met a challenge she couldn’t conquer, knocked all the eggplants out of the proverbial park with her desserts: chocolate eggplant cake, eggplant s’mores (yup), and this insane eggplant mousse: 

 While it is very true that I would probably eat anything in a cute little cup (ditto for a jar), this was divine. 

Some birthday goals are larger than others, and mine is still a day or two away, but I was more than happy to bring in another year surrounded by friends and lots and lots and lots of eggplant. 

 (Yes. Themed flowers to boot!) 


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3 responses to “Happy Birthday to Me… BRING ON THE EGGPLANT!

  1. Dina

    Happy Birthday, Lea!!! Mazal tov. Ad me’ah v’esrim shana!!!
    What? No eggplant parmigiana?

  2. Janet Gindin

    Happy birthday, Lea. Did you make Dalia’s eggplant, also? Sounds like a fun party.

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