Almost perfect, but not quite.

You could say that I lack attention to detail, or that I am easily distracted, but really it’s that I cannot see a project to its completion. I’m not talking about big projects… those I’m sort of okay with. I’m talking about the smaller things, the things that trip us all up every day. 

For example, I can load a dishwasher yet just leave enough dirty cups in the sink to leave everyone wondering what the hell I was thinking. Similarly, I can unload the dishwasher but leave all the cabinets open after I put things away. 

And this morning once again, I seem to have done it. You see, I see nothing wrong with this: I believe this counts. I believe I have done my job. I believe it is very clear what I intended to do, and there’s nothing wrong with someone else having to come along and finish this for me.



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9 responses to “Almost perfect, but not quite.

  1. I agree whole heartedly … you’re inviting participation!

  2. Anonymous

    Very efficient job! That s what i call lean management. Hardly any room for improvement.

  3. Anonymous

    Let not the perfect be the enemy of the good.

  4. emilyhbutler

    you know, there are starters and there are finishers, and I fail to see why we privilege one over the other.

  5. Anonymous

    just today I was admiring my own wisdom in that our toilet paper holder is just the slip on kind– dont need to open any devices. . . A marathon and a book trump home economics in my book

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