Nice girls grow zucchini.

I can’t bake. I have horrible handwriting. I can do no sport which calls for hand-eye coordination or the use of a bat, racket, or paddle. I am, at best, a fair driver. Some would even say I am unsafe behind the wheel. 

But I just did this:

This zucchini is so big it borders on the obscene – I felt almost dirty picking it. (As I yanked the thing out of the ground, I heard myself whispering, really, I’m not that kind of girl…)

But pick it, I did. And tonight – we feast.  

All those other things that I’m bad at, all those many many things, the driving, the baking, the dancing (yup), heck, even the parenting… They can all suck it because I just went and grew part of dinner.

P.S. Fuck. I just burnt the chicken.


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2 responses to “Nice girls grow zucchini.

  1. Yes, my sister! I too am singularly clumsy unless it involves a horse and can’t bake, as it involves timing and following other people’s directions, but I am an agricultural producer as certified by the USDA! My family has been farming and ranching on the same land since they fled the Mexican Revolution and the tragedy in this country is that the reality of corporate agriculture means you can’t make a living from the family farm no more and it’s corrupting and polluting our food supply and the Jeffersonian ideal of democracy is completely jodiendo. I been to more Farm Aid Concerts than Willie Nelson. But we gotta teach our kids where their food comes from and it ain’t Zabars or Stop and Shop. Other than raising kids, which you are deeply involved in, there is no more important act than cultivating soil.There is a reason we call it “Mother Earth.” Wanna trade zucchini recipes?

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