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Seriously though…

The groundhog saw his shadow yesterday.

(Pic courtesy of Sid’s pre-school teachers who sent home this insanely cute groundhog.) Six more weeks of winter, according to Puxatawney Phil, Groundhog in Chief.

A little closer to home: Apparently there is a Staten Island groundhog who did not see his shadow, meaning that Spring is around the corner.

I’ll let the hogs hash it out. I like winter (there, I said it) and am ok with several more weeks.

A few confessions though:

— I have no idea what black ice is. I’ve never seen it and am not sure anyone has. But people like to pepper it into conversation in a knowing, smuggish way. (She was fine until she hit that black ice; watch out for that black ice…) Frankly, I think it’s all a hoax. A smug people hoax.

— I am hungry all the time in the winter. Snow days are basically an excuse for me to eat the entire contents of my fridge, pantry, and Costco overflow while simultaneously slipping on snow the kids have trekked through the house and yelling at children to turn things off.

— As the season of indoor fire, winter makes me nervous. And not surprisingly (given that Hannukah is basically an excuse for my boys to try to set the house aflame), my phone now corrects “season” to “arson.”


— The longer you spend out of a bathing suit, the more likely you are to look awful in one.

— As a friend pointed out recently, snow days take on a different meaning as an adult. Yes, there is still a frisson of excitement when snow falls, when it’s announced, when the day is stretched out in front of you, but a few hours in when you’ve run out of marshmallows and feel more like a disenfranchised short order cook than a giddy child, when all the things you have to do get pushed off to another day, displacing all sorts of other things you have to do, it’s time to go back to school.


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We are cycling through the stomach flu at the moment. Some of us are on round two less than a week after recovering from round one. Why so much flu? What are we doing wrong?

1. I may not have the right remedy as I am convinced that truly anything can be cured by drinking ice cold lemon water out of a jar.

(Only real result so far: lemon-scented pee.)

2. Germ control: I came home and found two kids with their tongues down each other’s throats: “IT’S NOT FAIR THAT HE GOT TO STAY HOME SICK! I WANT WHAT HE HAD AND I WANT IT NOW!”

3. Something bigger: God thinks I’ve had enough sleep for one lifetime and from here on out, it’s probably best that I spend half of each night awake.

I’ll let you know when I work it out.

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