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And now, an arts and crafts project! No, I haven’t gone all Pinterest on you (and given that I still have difficulty operating a stapler, I never shall), but I do have a quick project to suggest. If you find yourself say, at school, and you perhaps have some time to kill, here’s an idea. Pop into the bathroom, filch a roll of toilet paper, remove the inner tube and place the tube in the sink. Soak the tube until it’s revolting and soggy and then mush it up until it looks something like this:

IMG_1672[1]Place the project on the kitchen counter as your mother is making dinner later that day. Things should go really well for you from there.

This  would be even better if you just happened to find a tube lying around, because then you won’t be stuck with this:


While there are a myriad of fun things you can do with this, it’s likely gotten wet and soggy and no longer serves its original purpose. You can really psych your mother out and do this to every roll of toilet paper in the house.

Oh, but you just did.


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Art History: A Primer

All art is derivative, right?

After all, we have Picasso and Braque:

And we have Bennett and the Gum Wall.

This is Seattle’s famed Wall of Gum, located at Pike’s Place Market:

And here is Bennett’s latest masterpiece in progress, possibly the jewel of his oeuvre. He calls it a “gum mosaic,” and if M ever finds out about it, Bennett may be taking up residence in a cardboard box at Pike’s Place.


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