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Coffee + Seltzer =

May is hard. May is happy and sunny and here in NYC it’s even gotten warm (thank heavens, because I was on the verge of a complete and utter weather-related breakdown, the likes of which I hadn’t experiences since I did time in Seattle). But it’s not necessarily an easy month. In addition to the onset of seasonal allergies (please send help, there is Mack truck parked in my sinuses), there’s a lot to do, which for me means there’s a lot to forget, a ton to let slip through the cracks, a mountain to overlook. You see where I’m going…

One day, after a doctor’s appointment I’d failed to calendar and a kid-related deadline I didn’t make (am I beating a dead horse?), I stumbled upon this bottle of loveliness:

I love coffee. I love seltzer. What could possibly be better than a combo of the two? Standing near the checkout of my local market, I felt a little like the guy (or girl) who fell upon peanut butter and chocolate or ketchup and just about everything. I immediately texted a picture to my friend R, who is a coffee drinker and a seltzer aficionado. She was unimpressed. Undeterred, I bought a bottle and drank it on line and texted R immediately: It was delish — like a not-too-sweet caffeinated cream soda, with giant bubbles. Plus, it’s limited edition, which means soon it will disappear, so I am compelled to down as much of it as I can while it is on the shelf.

I have bought a bottle every day since then. Sometimes two. It’s May. I need it.

People in my neighborhood market: I see you looking at me. I feel your judgy eyes on me. I hear you thinking, “Who on earth would buy that revolting looking beverage?” Me, that’s who. And I’ll buy a second while I’m here in case I’m done with this one by the time I check out.

Happy May, people. Do whatever you need to.


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Nice Surprises

I was about to start feeling sorry for myself. I was trying to get the kids down last night and after I’d read thirty stories and sung myself hoarse, Fi popped out of her room and asked for “some seltzer and a cut up pear.”

How old is she, eighty? What kind of bedtime snack is seltzer and cut fruit? Isn’t she supposed to ask for cookies and milk? Pear or no pear, I said no, and shuttled her back to bed… at which point Efram came down, claiming Bennett had interpreted “Get into bed and read” to mean “Please take time to throw things around your room.” I wasn’t getting anywhere with any of them, and because seven days of summer vacation with five kids is really like having thirty-five kids, I was starting to wallow ever so slightly….

… and then I saw an email from my delightful friends at Parent Map announcing that I was among the winners of the 2012 Golden Teddy Awards!

Even cooler is that I get to be mentioned in the same breath as the truly funny Meredith Bland and Jenny Lawson, as well as an actual, real-life M.D., Wendy Sue Swanson.

I’ve been writing my whole life, but it took a bunch of kids to get me to write so publicly. I knew writing was rewarding, but what I didn’t expect was how much I’d appreciate hearing from people who don’t know me or these badly-behaved kids and still like to read about us.



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